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Tips to Organizing your Wardrobe Closet and Drawers!

Cut down the time on getting ready, increase space, decrease the clutter, and make your space beautiful with these tips!

STEP 1: Declutter/Pair Down.

Sort through all clothing and decide:

  1. Have you worn it in the past 6 months?

  2. Do they fit?

  3. Are they weathered?

  4. Are they in style?

  5. Is it sentimental?

Create sections, clothing that you are keeping, selling, donating, trashing, and may be sentimental.

STEP 2: Categorize.

Categorizing decreases the amount of time that it takes to get ready or put away clothing, creates more space, looks great, and creates a system that will last. Some categories in your drawers can be long/short sleeve shirts, sweatpants, leggings, pajamas, socks, undergarments, stockings. Some categories in closets can be dresses, jeans, slacks, sweaters, jackets, suits, long/short sleeve shirts.

STEP 3: Maximize Space:

Use every inch of space! Utilize the vertical space by adding hooks, install systems on doors , or install floating shelves.

STEP 4: Organize:

Place everything back into drawers. Fold clothing by category, neatly into drawers and use drawer dividers to keep them in line. I prefer clear dividers but there are many different styles. Then, place everything neatly back in your wardrobe closet by category. Use uniform hangers for a clean look. You can use wooden hangers, velvet hangers, or plastic hangers. Do not forget to purchase hangers for pants/skirts and it is best to order more hangers than not enough!

Here are some of my favorite products that I like to use:

STEP 5: Label:

The final step!! Label everything so it is easier to maintain your space. Use bin clips for any baskets. You can also create your own labels.

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