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Tips to Organizing your Kitchen!

Your kitchen is the heart of the home! This is where you enjoy your meals, laughs, share stories, and create memories.

STEP 1: Sort through your items.

Create categories for items to trash, keep, donate, sell, and relocate. Check the expiration dates and pair down on any bowls, plates, mugs, serve ware, and appliances that you may not use often or have multiples of.

STEP 2: Create a flow.

Relocate any items into cabinets and drawers that make the most sense. For example, glasses, mugs, plates, bowls, and serve ware should be closest to the sink and/or dishwasher. Mixing bowls, strainers, pots and pans should be closest to the stove. Food storage containers and plastic wrap should be closest to where you prepare your meals. Cleaning products under the sink.

STEP 3: Categorize.

Each category should be together! This allows you to find what you need, have a quicker clean up, keeps the flow and function of your kitchen and you will be able to maintain on a day to day basis.

STEP 4: Organize.

Organize your items back into the cabinets and drawers. Use drawer organizers for utensils, drawer organizers for cutlery, knife organizers to protect your knives, drawer dividers for deeper drawers, and shelf risers for maximizing the space in your cabinets. Using pot and pan organizers keeps your lids, pots, and pans together and neatly organized. Add the protectors to eliminate scratches. Create a drawer for your spices and use a spice rack tray for easy access. When creating your food preparation area, use a plastic and foil wrap organizer and variety snack size bag organizer to save space in your drawers. To avoid lids spread about, use a storage food container organizer.

Here are some other great products I love and recommend using:

Products for kitchen cabinets and drawers:

Products for refrigerators and freezers:

Products for under the sink:

STEP 5: Label.

The most important and final step is the label everything! This allows for a long lasting system. Here are some great options, or you can create your own custom labels.

For questions or support, contact me for a free consultation!

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