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Tips to Organizing your Kitchen Pantry!

Having an organized kitchen pantry system allows you to have a smooth routine throughout the day. It allows you to find what you are looking for and know where everything goes!

Kitchen appliances (reference-top left photo):

STEP 1: Sort through all of your items.

Create a category for any items to trash, keep, donate, or relocate. Do not forget to check the expiration dates!

STEP 2: Categorize.

Put like items with like items! Keeping items together in similar categories, allows you to maintain the system, have a quicker and easier clean up, and creates less clutter over time. Some pantry categories can be canned goods, grains, oil/vinegars, and snacks.

STEP 3: Maximize your space.

Utilize your space by using shelf risers, door rack organizers, and hanging baskets. Use the vertical space by adding floating shelves, gaining extra storage space.

STEP 4: Organize

Invest in products that you love and that will assist in keeping your space functional. Clear bins and food safe lid containers are great to use for items that you would like to see. They can be washed and reused. You can also organize with baskets to add texture and color. Some other great products are can organizers, bins with dividers for individual wrapped snacks, a turntable for grab-and-go snacks, and a canister set for ingredients such as flour and sugar.

STEP 5: Label

This is key! Label everything so you know exactly what everything is and where everything goes. You can use bin clips, premade labels, or create your own labels.

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