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Tips to Organizing your Playroom!

Playrooms and play spaces are meant for exploration, learning, and memories!

Products used in photo:

Labels are custom made by me!

Bin clips (white)

STEP 1: Declutter/Pair Down.

Sort through the toys and decide:

1. Are they age appropriate?

2. Are they played with?

3. Do they have all of their pieces/parts?

4. Are they to be played with indoors or outdoors?

STEP 2: Rotate.

Rotating toys saves you money, your children are engaged, and you save space. Decide which toys you would like to keep in your space and which toys you would like to store away. Store the toys in large clear bins and label so you know which toys you have. Every few weeks or month, rotate!

STEP 3: Categorize.

Grouping toys together allows for every toy to have a home, play time to be fun, and clean up to be a little easier! For example, one category can be legos, second can be dolls, then cars and trucks etc.

STEP 4: Organize.

With the categories you have created, organize the toys using a system that works best and is easy to maintain. Place the most used toys on a lower level and less often played or larger toys on a higher level. Purchasing furniture like cubical storage units allows you to maximize storage space, looks aseptically pleasing, and contains toys. Larger toys can be stored on the tops of the units and smaller toys can be stored in bins, with many color options. For books, you can organize in a unit, or you can install floating bookshelves to utilize the vertical space. For stuffed animals or larger toys like trucks, you can use large floor storage baskets. For smaller toys, clear bins with lids are great so the toys do not get lost and they are contained. You can stack the bins to maximize space!

STEP 5: Label.

Labeling toys with the words and pictures builds independence in your little ones to choose their own toy and put the toy back in the correct place! It also allows you to know where everything goes. This saves time and creates along lasting system. You can create your own labels using a label maker, add bin clips on bins, or contact me for custom labels!

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