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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We offer professional home organizing, decluttering, and relocating services (packing & unpacking).

What areas do you service?

We provide services in New York and Connecticut, with the flexibility to travel across the entire US.

What is the process to get started?

First, you will fill out the Client Interest Form found below. Next, Organize With GC will contact you to schedule an in-person consultation where you will receive a quote and scope for the project. 

What happens after I book a session?

Decluttering: This is a one-on-one process to sort through your belongings.

Organizing: Organize With GC will work independently to organize your space.

Reveal: You can now enjoy your fully functional space!

Do you purchase products?

Yes, shopping for products is included with the purchase of a package. We will work within your budget. 

Do I need to be involved?

Decluttering:  Yes! 

Organizing: It is totally up to you! You can wait to be surprised at the end or check in throughout the process.

Moving:  Quick check-ins may be necessary. 

Do you take donations or trash?

Donations: Yes! Organize With GC will take donations off-site (one car-load per session).

Trash: Organize With GC will leave your home clean and tidy. Any household trash will be removed. If large amounts of trash need to be discarded, we will contact the trash removal company to do so.

Should I organize before our appointment?

No! In order for us to create long-lasting and functional systems, it is helpful for us to see your day-to-day lifestyle.

Will I be judged?

Absolutely not!! This is a judgment-free zone! Everything is entirely confidential. We are here to help you in the best way possible!

Do you pack and unpack when moving?

Yes. We can assist you with decluttering before your move, and pack and unpack your belongings. We ensure your home is turn-key ready upon your arrival. 

Do you install closet systems?

We work in partnership with companies that provide this service to ensure you have a long-lasting system.

What does turn-key ready mean?

"Turn-key ready" refers to the curation of your new home where every detail has been carefully attended to, ensuring a smooth transition for you and your family. This includes the proper disposal of any packaging or moving materials, beds made with fresh sheets, towels neatly hung and readily accessible, and toiletries arranged for immediate use, including essentials like soap, toothpaste, and face wash. Additionally, every item is organized and placed in its designated spot, creating a sense of order and ease in your new space. This meticulous attention to detail allows you to immediately settle in and start enjoying your home, making cherished memories with family and friends from the very beginning.​

What is included in moving management?

Organize With GC takes charge of your entire move, working closely with the moving company to ensure a seamless transition. We tailor every aspect of your new space to meet your specific goals, needs, and preferences. By utilizing floor plans, we ensure that your furniture is placed just right, and we communicate effectively with the movers to ensure boxes end up where they belong. If needed, we also coordinate with closet companies and other contractors to provide the storage solutions and services necessary to make your home turn-key ready.​

What about shopping services when relocating?

To ensure our clients have all the essential items needed for a well-organized space, our shopping services efficiently source and procure all necessary products. This relieves clients from the hassle of searching for items themselves. From labels to storage solutions, we take care of the entire shopping process. This streamlined approach enhances the organizing, decluttering, or moving-in experience for our clients.

To begin, please fill out and submit the client interest form. I will contact you to schedule an in person consultation and provide you with further information! 

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